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Catch me if you can

Wow, it’s autumn already, November even, I can hear fireworks outside and it’s not even Guy Fawkes (there’s a guy who had the right idea) yet. Well, we have managed to make a music video,┬áhave had our long established keyboard player, and not so long established lead guitarist (featured in the new video) leave for … Continue reading

Ace of bass

Hi I’m Euan the bass player for Echo Arcadia and I’m popping my blog cherry with this so please bear with me (or warm me up a bit first.) I guess my musical journey has been a little different to most and I’d like to share it with you if I may. I remember from … Continue reading

Then the rain came down

I blame my compulsion towards superheroes for one of my fascinations. I’ve always loved the thought of having a superpower, but when asked what power I’d like I always struggle. Having regenerative powers like wolverine would be amazing, though living indefinitely seems like a real burden. Who wouldn’t want the power of flight though, but … Continue reading

Onwards and upwards

Well, it’s May already, who saw that coming? I have a theory about why time seems to fly by so quickly, it goes a little something like this; When you’re young, summer seemed to last forever, visits to aunties always seemed to go on for days on end… Fast forward several years, and you hear … Continue reading

Just a thought

When people ask me why I write such dark lyrics, when I’m such a sunny natured person, I always found it hard to verbalise. I find beauty in every facet of life, but with that comes the counterbalance, that all things are fleeting, and that time is precious however long it may be for. Life … Continue reading